What is CRiSP?

CRiSP is a File Editor.

What started as a Software Programmer’s Editor has now developed into an extremely sophisticated cross-platform File Editing Environment.

If your job involves editing any type of ASCII Text, Data, Binary, Hex or Octal files then you should look at CRiSP. You may be a software developer, or you could be someone who needs to easily manipulate very large data files prior to using the data in a simulation package.

CRiSP is available for all major Operating Systems, providing a familiar environment for users who need to work in a heterogenous environment.

If you edit files you should look at CRiSP!

CRiSP is developed by "Foxtrot Systems Ltd." and was marketed worldwide by Pacemaker Software for twenty three years.

Due to a change in focus we have passed these activities back to Foxtrot Systems, please visit http://www.crispeditor.co.uk